Health, Illness and Ethnicity Workshop 2011

‘Health, Illness and Ethnicity’: Migration, Discrimination and Social Dislocation

Humanities Institute of Ireland, University College Dublin,
10-11 June 2011

This two-day workshop focused on the relationship between illness, migration, discrimination and social dislocation primarily during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It explored the relationship between historical concerns surrounding health and ethnicity, and current health practices and policy. The workshop contributes to debates on the susceptibility of specific groups to medical interventions, as well as interpretations of the relationship between health and illness, migration and ethnicity. We considerd how the medical management of specific ethnic groups intersected with broader health and welfare strategies. By migration, we refer to migration between countries and internal movements of populations, for example between regions or from rural to urban areas. The workshop explored the experiences of particular groups, be these ‘foreigners’, migratory peoples, patients of varied religious denominations and those suffering from particular disorders or diseases.

It was the second event associated with the ongoing Wellcome Trust project ‘Madness, Migration and the Irish in Lancashire, c.1850-1921’.