Counseling Help On Mental Illness - with Teru Sheehan, LCSW,** C.Ht.***
      This site is dedicated to the recovery of individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder and their families and friends. 
     Accessing help can be a frustrating experience.  The available treatment is more often than not a 15-minute visit with a psychiatrist for medication refills and psychotherapy by another professional, if your budget can afford it.  We know that finding the right
medication(s) is frequently experimental and can take weeks and sometimes years to find which is not to say the result is even satisfactory.  As you know, often when we finally chance upon a medication protocol that seems to work well, there can be multiple side effects and/or it stops working!
      Help is available!  Through the courageous work of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Mental Health America, Drs. Michael Ragins, Daniel Amen, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Judith Orloff, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Jean Houston, Norm Shealy, Mark Hyman, Gary Craig, Debbie Ford, Gary Null, Caroline Myss, Robert Whitaker, Donna Eden and David Feinstein, and countless others, together with advances in neurobiology, integrative and functional medicine related to the role of nutrition and supplementation, meditation, energy work and exercise, the paradigm for mental health care has shifted.  No longer are we talking about people with schizophrenia or an anxiety disorder as though that's who they are.  They are in many ways as they were before the illness struck.  Our newer understanding brings into focus their strengths instead of their weakness. Mental illness in this way is like the proverbial snowflake and everybody responds to treatment differently!    Treatment can be individualized to fit your loved ones needs and goals.  Treatment does not need to be a reliance or over-reliance on medication.  While psychotropics are sometimes necessary, if they are taken with vitamin, mineral, herbal and amino acid supplementation, proper nutrition and exercise, their dosages can be reduced or eliminated. 
        I provide evaluation and treatment and coordinate intensive case management.  Through years of experience in this field, I am aware of where treatment fails and how it can succeed.  
  • You can get a comprehensive history, including a medication history to take to the psychiatrist or physician's office .   
  • This is a team effort and together we determine what a person's needs and goals are which change throughout the therapeutic process.
  • To make therapeutic services work for you a written or verbal evaluation is made by you at the end of every session.
  • I coordinate services so that they are not duplicated or if there are gaps, I find available resources to fill them.
  • My service is cost-effective.
  • Crisis availability (ask for details).  
  • I provide psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families and friends.  
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*The word CHOMI is a South African street word for "friend of the heart."  People who call each other 'chomi' take as given that they enjoy a prized relationship including the fruit of trusting, caring, sharing and protecting each other from hunger and violence. (from Stetson University's CHOMI microcredit program established in 2000)

**Licensed Clinical Social Worker